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Ardgarten - Arrochar


Ardgarten is the peninsula of land before Glencroe and The Rest And Be Thankful. It is famous for the campsite and youth hostel. The original Ardgarten House was the site of the youth hostel. This was demolished in the 60's and a new building built overlooking the Loch.

Ardgartan House originally a private house became the Youth Hostel in May 1936 being opened by Sir John Stirling Maxwell and Sir Iain Colquhoun. Placed at the bottom of the Glen, it was a very palatial home with an indoor swimming pool and its own walled garden.  The house was built by Campbell of Struchur and changed hands throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Finally becoming the property of the Youth Hostelling Association in 1936.

Artgarten House was demolished in the sixties when a new Youth Hostel was built looking down Loch Long. This opened in 1969 and the building is still there today.



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