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Head Of Loch Long - including The Village Of Arrochar


The head of Loch Long used to be the border between the two shires of Argyll and Dunbartonshire. The bridge signified the border where the shires met.The Head Of Loch Long There is a plaque on the North side of the new bridge which explains the boundaries.



Two Shire Bridge


Glenloin House is set against Cruich Tairbriert (also referred to in the MacFarlane's history as Stronafyne Hill). The house was built in the 1600's as it came under the window tax. The window tax was brought in in 1690 by William Of Orange whereby the tenant paid an amount of money proportional to the number of windows in the property. This often resulted in owners filling in or blocking off unnecessary windows to reduce their tax bill. An example can be seen of this at Glenloin House. The house also features an ice house built underground beside the house. The ice house was 10 feet square and 20 feet deep. Accessed by ladder it was used as a fridge for storing meat etc. During the summer it was loaded with large blocks of ice to keep it cool.

The English church was housed here before moving to Benreoch. Cannon Little conducted these services.



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