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The Toll, Arrochar


Moving on from Tyvechtican you come to The Toll. Here you will find The Old Toll House. This was used by villagers of Arrochar and Tarbet up until the 1950's.Tarbet Glen and The Toll before the railway was built On the other side of the main road was the old golf course and curling pond. the golf course was used up until the early 1900's and ran from Auchendarroch to the Stuckendu. The curling pond was used by guests staying at The Tarbet Hotel.


Moving towards Tarbet you will come to the old Ballyhennan Church and burial ground. The church was built in 1844 by Stewarts Dunoon. It took 5 months with congregation doing all the carting of materials. The church finally closed in 1966. It then became The Black Sheep and is now The Ben Lomond and houses our Heritage Centre on the first floor. The manse for the church, now Glebe House, was situated at the back of the present school field. The origins of the burial ground are summed up in two traditions: -
When Gilchrist of Arrochar’s son Duncan was ruling these lands, during this time the Battle of Largs was fought in 1263. Before that battle King Haco sent an expedition, under one or two of his lieutenants, to ravage Loch Lomondside, and the Glen of Tarbet. A great fight took place between Duncan’s clansmen and the Norse. To bury the slain in this action the little graveyard at Ballyhennan was begun. The graveyard also contains many ancient MacFarlane stones which should tell a story when examined properly – many with the shield of the chief’s family sculptured on them: and there at least two old stones there adorned with what looks like ancient Celtic tracery. The other tradition about the old graveyard – to the effect that it originated after an attack of plague in which many people died, and had to be buried at once.

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